Dedicated to Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Providing a peaceful environment that promotes health and wellness for the body, mind, and spirit, by offering a variety of tools that can improve the body’s innate ability to heal itself.


Red light therapy beds help with fine line and wrinkles, scars, bruises, burns, stretch marks, acne, redness and pigmentation.

Pain Management

Chronic disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, fibromyalgia, and migraines, as well as injuries have all been shown to benefit from red light therapy.

Weight Management & Cellulite Reduction

Red Light Therapy is a technology that uses light to shrink fat cells while toning and trimming areas like the stomach, hips, and upper arms. No pesky surgery required.

Sport Injuries

Red Light Therapy has been shown to help injuries and recovery from workouts.

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Energy Therapy & Benefits

Energy therapy is a holistic approach to wellness that is based on the belief that disruptions or imbalances in the body’s energy fields can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Here at Light & Energy Therapeutics, we are proud to offer several energy therapies with amazing benefits such as:

Stress Reduction: Rebalancing energy can calm the nervous system and induce a state of deep relaxation.

Pain Relief: Releasing tension assists the body’s natural healing response.

Improved Emotional Well-Being: Energy therapy can address emotional imbalances and help process and release negative emotions, thus reducing anxiety, while enhancing your mood.

Enhanced Mental Clarity: Helps clear mental fog, improve focus, and enhance mental clarity by balancing energy flow.

Boosted Immune Function: Supports the body’s immune system by removing energy blockages and promoting overall wellness.

Enhanced Self-Awareness: Assists a better understanding of one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.


Improved Sleep: Helps improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia by promoting relaxation and reducing stress.


Support for Healing: Helps individuals process and release traumatic memories and emotions.


Complementary Therapy: Energy therapy is often used as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medical treatments.

While it is not a substitute for medical care, it can be used to support overall well-being.


Spiritual Growth: An excellent tool for exploring one’s spiritual path and deepening their connection to their inner self or higher

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