LipoMelt Body Sculpting Therapy

The Trifecta LipoMelt Pad System is for targeting specific parts of the body for weight loss, fat flushing, and body sculpting, although it also targets health conditions as a secondary benefit.

The flexible pads are placed directly on targeted areas for concentrated treatment.

  • Superior to other LED devices as well as low level lasers, without the risks.

  • Soft & flexible pads make them easy to wrap around any part of the body.

  • Multiple pads treat up to 8 regions per session.

  • Direct contact on the skin for a more concentrated & deep penetration.

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LipoMelt Body Sculpting Therapy

The actual time spent with the pads is 40 minutes, followed by a 10-minute complimentary session on the Whole-Body Vibrational System to gently shake the lymphs.

This allows the cells to process the treatment and encourages the body to detox over the next day or two.

In order to give your body a rest and allow for the detoxification process to occur, there needs to be at least one day in between treatments.

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